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Telegram is a free Instant Messaging application that boasts simplicity, speed and security. Telegram supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It also extends support for computers with its desktop applications for macOS, Windows and Linux. Telegram has some of the most well-connected data centres worldwide allowing for speedy messaging, high reliability and high performance. You can create groups of up to 200,000 people, share extremely large files and even create bots to perform certain tasks. Telegram is extremely secure and employs state of the art encryption methods to protect your information. Telegram also has a “Secret Chats” feature where messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both devices after a set period of time. Telegram was one of the first instant messaging applications to bring file sharing into mainstream messaging applications. It even had GIF and stickers long before Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger adopted it.

App Features and Capabilities
  1. Free Fast Instant Messaging - Telegram boasts that it’s the fastest messenger in the current application market. This is made possible due to Telegram’s huge server strength and large well-connected data-centres worldwide.
  2. Automatic Data Sync - Telegram supports almost any kind of device. With telegram, you can access your messages and data from all devices simultaneously. You can start typing a message from your phone and finish the message on your tablet or laptop. You will lose your messages or data.
  3. Unlimited file sharing - Telegram allows you to send files of ANY type to other users. There is virtually no limit on the size of the file you can send across. Furthermore, your entire chat history will occupy no space on your device and will be stored free of cost on Telegram’s cloud. 
  4. Security - This one of Telegram’s longest-standing core features. Telegram’s core concept was to provide secure free instant messaging for all. Everything on Telegram (groups, chats, media, etc) is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.
  5. Large groups - You can create groups of up to 200,000 members! Furthermore, Telegram has support for “Channels” that allow you to broadcast messages to anyone who is subscribed to the channel. This makes it extremely convenient for a Beta Testers group, HR announcements or even for your Class announcements at your college or university!
  6. Reliable - Telegram markets itself as an extremely reliable application. It is built to deliver messages in as few bytes as possible and works on the weakest internet connections.
  7. Telegram Bots - There is a multitude of Bots available on Telegram for varied needs. There are bots to set reminders, help you choose a place from Zomato, define routes from Google maps and so on. You can even add bots to a group and anybody in the group can use it! There are even fun bots that talk like a famous character or TV personality!
  8. Secret Chats - Telegram has support for automatic self-destructing messages that erase themselves from all devices after a set period of time. With Secret chats, you can send any content (texts, media, videos, files) and have it disappear after a set period of time. 
  9. Simplicity and ease of use - Despite the overwhelming number of features, Telegram is surprisingly very easy to use. The controls and buttons are very intuitive and would take no time to get used to.

  1. Extremely fast - True to its promise, Telegram is extremely fast and snappy. Messages are almost instantly delivered and even file uploads are extremely consistent. 
  2. Large file support - You can send very large files over Telegram. You can send full-blown movies and large documents across with no hassle.
  3. Secure messaging - Telegram uses state-of-the-art encryption standards to ensure that your messages are completely secure. Everything is encrypted - including photos, videos and documents.
  4. Channels - Telegram has support for channels that people can subscribe to. Admins of the channels can send broadcast messages to all subscribers. 
  5. Device Support - Telegram supports all your devices and your messages and data would remain completely in sync amongst all your devices
  6. Secret Chats - With secret chats, your messages will automatically self destruct after a set period of time. No trace of the messages sent would be there. The data would disappear on both devices and the cloud. You can even send photos, documents and other media in secret chats.
  7. Bots - Telegram bots are exclusive programmable helpers that can help you do a variety of tasks in-chat. From setting reminders to helping decide a restaurant in your friends’ group, bots make things easier and more fun on Telegram
  8. In-app photo and video editing - There is a powerful photo and video editor in-built on telegram. You can add filters and tune your image to perfection before sending to a friend or a group.
  9. Large groups - You can create groups of up to 200,000 members in Telegram. This is by far the largest maximum member limit supported by any messenger application.
  10. Stickers and GIFS - Telegram was one of the first few applications to bring support for stickers and GIFS. It has a large and open sticker and GIF platform with thousands of sticker packs and millions of GIFS.

  1. Setting up problems - Many users have had complaints while setting up the application. To log-in, Telegram sends an OTP to your mobile number to authenticate your identity. Users have complained that the messages take too long to deliver, with some messages not arriving at all.
  2. Server reliability - While telegram boasts extremely reliable servers, it is not true to its word with messages being undelivered due to server maintenance or issues, albeit extremely rare. 
  3. No voice or video calls - Telegram does not support voice or video calls. Unlike other apps in the same market, Telegram is yet to include support for voice and video calls.
  4. Changing numbers - Once registered with a number, Telegram has issues while switching numbers. While the process seems to be simple, there seem to be issues with the OTP delivery as mentioned earlier.

Other Information to Know
Telegram has desktop applications for macOS, Linux and Windows. They also have a web application - Telegram Web.

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