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This app is free to use. Anyone can download it and use it with no hidden charges. 

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Telegram messenger is worldwide use for instant messaging. It is a cloud-based messenger that provides the facility of voice over IP and video telephony services. This messenger provides the secrecy with a strong end to end encryption. The encryption use between client to server and server to client. 

The app is  available for Windows, Android, Mac OS, IOS, Windows Phone, and open-source operating systems. Users can send any type of file, videos, audios, photos, and stickers, etc. On 14 Aug. 2013, the telegram messenger was first initially released. The user of the telegram messenger exceeds 400 million in April 2020. 

App Features and Capabilities
Cloud-Based Messenger: Telegram is a cloud-based messenger the user can access it on any connected devices. Telegram provides the 2.0 Gigabytes per file size that the user can share. Any user easily sends videos, audios, photos, and other files to other users individually or in a group of up to 2, 00,000 members. 

Stickers: Telegram provides the facility of stickers, if one user sends any sticker it will be available for all users. Telegram self has 20,000 stickers and all sticker has high quality and high resolution. Any user can install the sticker from a third party, there is no restriction in the messenger. 

Secret chats: The messenger uses the MTProto protocol for an end to end encryption. The user sends private messages with secure encryption between two users. The secret message cannot be accessed by third-party intruders. The user can delete secret messages at any time or by self-destruction. 

Free video and Voice Calls: Telegram introduced the voice call feature in March 2017 and video call feature on 15 Aug. 2020. Users can easily call to other users. The connection is established between users is peer to peer connection or use the closet server. 

Live Location: In October 2017 Telegram release his 4.4 version in which they give the facility of sending live locations. Multiple users send their location at a time within a group. Users can stop sharing the location at any time. 

This app is free to use. Anyone can download it and use it with no charges of downloading, the app giving the end to end security. No intruders can read or see your messages. The app giving the accessibility to any connected devices, the cloud giving the save data option. User can easily save and upload his data and accessible from anywhere after compulsory authentication. 

Very friendly app, easy to use and feel comfortable with the security and privacy provided. The telegram provides the facility, share of live location. Multiple users can share their live location within a group at the same time. 

The app sends a notification to all user contacts about when he starts using the messenger. This is annoying some time. Users need privacy so it disturbs them. The TCP protocol uses a single channel for encryption that’s why it’s affected the streaming and downloading. Account deletion takes a very long time 06 months. The inappropriate content in the groups are spreading and unable to find it. 

Other Information to Know
The initial release was in 2013 by two brothers Nikolai and Pavel Duro. Later the telegram taken by the Group. Nikolai created the protocol that is the core of Telegram messenger. In 2013 the telegram announced that messenger has 1 lac daily active user and 35 million monthly users and in 2020 they announced 400 million monthly active users they have. 

Telegram uses the symmetric encryption scheme based on 256 bit symmetric AES encryption and uses the Diffie-Helman key exchange method to exchanging the key for encryption and decryption.

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App Usage:
No limit for video size user can upload big size videos, Wonderful platform to download movies from Hollywood or Bollywood. Users can upload and save their content on the cloud-like videos, audios, files, etc. thousands of emojis are available in the app. Telegram provides a variety of stickers when users send any sticker it is available for all users.

The app didn’t resume downloading when we stop the download and then later resume downloading the app download the video form start again. For making the account just phone number are used this is disturbing user when they lost or change number they can’t recover their account. Users can’t send a message to a person who is sharing the same group. File size exceeded when the user sends sometime 100 Mb video but the vides exceed to 150Mb its takes more time.

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