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Paid Options
The app gives seven days of trial version but later on you have to subscribe the app to enjoy it. At start it offers quarterly subscription while monthly and yearly subscription is being offered in few regions. 

You will be charged in your local currency. It charges $19.9 for monthly subscription. Annual subscriptions renew at $189. You must turn off your subscription 24 hours before the end of current period to avoid being charged again. 

Supported Languages: English

The Economist app is an award winning e-newspaper, owned by The Economist Group. It is published digitally and focuses on many fields like technology, current affair, politics, and international business. It offers deep analysis of everything from business, finance and politics to science and technology.

It covers every region including Asia, Europe, British and United States news. This Economist app contains a daily selection, along with the full weekly version of The Economist Newspaper to read and listen to. To access this economist app you have to install the app on your gadget and sign up or sign in with your economist login detail.

App Features and Capabilities
1) Audio Version: According to The Economist, 10 percent of its user is listening to audio. This app contains the audio version of their weekly edition news that you can listen to one go, which is quite remarkable feature. You can listen to a weekly edition read by professional broadcasters while travelling to your offices. 

2) Timely Analysis: The Economist app shares world's biggest stories on time. You will find updates of all the latest news by the end of the day. This app makes sure that its user can get all the current affairs news and headlines timely to keep them updated. 

3) Mark as Favorite: While reading you can bookmark the article to save or add them in later read. You can also create your reading list. This feature allows users to make their favorite reading lists. 

4) Offline Mode: If you have a network issue, you can enable offline mode and download the news so that you can read them without depending on your internet connectivity issue. 

5) Morning Brief: You can get a quick brief on the day’s global agenda every morning in the morning digest. Also, get highlights and combining news analysis from the weekly issues. Not only this but you can also search and explore latest content according to your choice. 

• The Economist app is to keep you updated and aware of all the news and current affairs. It offers wide range of news, podcasts and articles to keep you aware about all the happenings around the world. 
• This app gives you the facility to not only read but also to listen to the latest news around the globe. You can listen to the weekly news in the voice of well-known broadcasters. 
• You can zoom in or zoom out to increase or decrease the size of the font for a good read. 
• Without a subscription, you can also read editor choice articles. This gives you depth analysis of your favorite news. 
• The Economist app supports both IOS and android gadgets. The Economist app is now compatible with Windows 8. It means now you can also download this app in your window supported gadget. 

• There is no search function in The Economist app. However, developers are trying to overcome this bug, which is still working. 
• When subscribers are offline or in flight mode article images are not fully downloaded. Subscribers only read or listen to articles but are unable to see the attached images properly. 
• The app sometimes crashes especially audio features are little frustrating having many issues. 
• This app may offer a free trial but once the trial ends you have to pay full charges to renew your subscription. 
• It is not easy to read for a long time on screen as it gives strain issue to eyes. 

Other Information to Know
This app is owned by The Economist Newspaper Limited group. This app was launched for iPad and iPhone in November 2010 and till now 1.5M people have installed this app. This app has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Apple store while 3.4 on play store. The app supports 6.0 and up version of Android. 

Once you subscribe to this app, subscribers will charge in their local currency. The Economist app has 3 types of subscription plans: monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription. All subscriptions will automatically be renewed. You can also cancel your subscription from your app store account settings at any time. 

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Overall rating
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App Usage:
• Have a progress indicator to show how far through reading an article without scrolling down.
• Easy to read, links are available to read other articles.
• The downloading option is available which makes it easy to read your favorite articles in offline mood as well.
• Bookmarking tool and adjusting the text tool is helpful.

• Delay accessing content even after subscription.
• Sometimes the app will crash or refuse to download another article during the read, which is annoying.
• Facebook link available to open the article but this link mostly fails to works.
• Sometimes android subscribers not able to hear audio offline.

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