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  • Tradescantia fluminensis spiderwort in Kebirigo, Kenya

Tradescantia fluminensis spiderwort in Kebirigo, Kenya

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Wandering Jew
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A perennial ground cover called Tradescantia fluminensis spreads along the ground with soft, hairless stems and leaves. Any node on the surface can serve as a rhizome for the fleshy stalks. The plant has oval, dark-green leaves with pointy tips that are 1.25 to 2.5 inches (32 to 64 mm) long, glossy, smooth, and slightly meaty.

On a 1.5 cm long stem, the terminal white blooms are present, occasionally in opposition to a leaf. The flowers are around 0.5-1 inch (13-25 mm) in diameter and have three petals. The sepals have a diameter of 5-7 mm.  

Size-wise, the three white petals measure 8 to 9 mm. Anthers are dissociated. The flowers, which can contain many seeds, are produced in July in tiny clusters.
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Wandering Jew
Wandering Jew
Wandering Jew
Wandering Jew
Wandering Jew
Wandering Jew

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