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The app is free to use. All features are open for the user, and they can enjoy the trade of cryptocurrency without paying fees to the app. There is a fee required for certain conditions, but installing the app is absolutely free of cost. 

Supported Languages: English

For those who want to do digital trading and looking for a platform that can help them easily make a cryptocurrency transaction, the Voyager is the best solution. You can buy or sell different cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, SHIB, DOGE and many more. This is a simple and easy to use the app through which you can purchase more than 60 cryptocurrencies and will earn about 12% in annual rewards. Many more features of this app make it preferable, and users recommend it to others. The salient features that help this platform to stand among the crowd are discussed below. 

App Features and Capabilities
There are diverse features in Voyager app, and users have to procure knowledge about these elements. It is helping the users to take proper advantages of these applications in their social and commercial manners. Some imperative specifications of Voyager app are mentioned as under, 

  • Buying servicesL: Voyager app is offering the facilities of buying coins, and it is an amazing facility for the completion of comparison among different coins. This app is offering the competition scenario for the crypto coins, and it is helping the users to take buying decisions on adequate time. Voyager app is providing secure payments for the users, and making the business deals comfortable.
  • Trading services: Trading of crypto coins is the way of profit generation, and this facility is offered in Voyager app. The users can perform the trading programs in 60+ currencies, and it is beneficial plans to increase the earning in the business of crypto currency. The trading option is based on the comparison, which is essential to make the deals in high trading coins perfectly.
  • Variation of crypto currency: Variation of crypto currency is the new format of expanding the business, and users like to make their deals secure by the generation of trading profits. The performance of Voyager app is amazing in this matter, as it is offering trading and buying facilities for the 60+ currencies. These resources are promoting the business sensation chances, and make the trading services profitable within crypto coins.
  • Digital payment modes: The users are capable to use their master cards for the payments on the Voyager app. It is an advantageous plan to make the transaction with satisfaction and secure the digital records of buying and selling transaction. These resources are increasing the profits, and making the customers deals beneficial with the expectations of profits with the purchasing of crypto coins.
  • Annual rewards: Voyager app is providing annual rewards on the saved amounts, and it is mentioned as 12% according to the invested coins. Specific terms and conditions are linked with this process, and users have to acknowledge them for increasing their information and security in the crypto investment plans, offered by Voyager app.
  • Secure deals: The auto secure system is available for the Voyager app users, and this is useful for the security of buying and selling deals. The digital detail of transactions is also available for the assistance of the users to solve their disputes and conflicts. These matters are increasing the customers, registered with Voyager app for crypto deals.
  • Referral system: Voyager app is presenting the referral system for the users, and it is relevant to the opening of reference based accounts. These are offering commission based earnings according to the activities of referenced account user. This matter is also expanding the customers for the buying and selling of crypto currency confidently.  These systems are working with the social media promotional deals, which are important for the better planning of crypto coins for the buying and selling options through referral system of Voyager app. 

  • Voyager app is offering business deals in 60+ crypto currencies, and it is beneficial source of business. 
  • Voyager app is offering digital transaction modes for the success of the commerce records. It is trusted source for the finest decisions about the buying or selling procedures in the digital market. 
  • Voyager app is providing annual rewards systems for the attention of the customers. It is supportive program to make the income extra with legal procedures. 

  • Voyager app is getting sensitive details for the payments, and it may cause the financial hacking in the present age as well. 
  • Voyager app is charging some extra charges on the transactions, and these are decreasing the profit ratio on the trading details. Therefore, people should be conscious about these issues. 
  • Users are getting attractive features like annual reward, but these are conditional in the business terms for securing the company.  

Other Information to Know
Voyager app is available for the trading of crypt coins, and this process can help the users to earn some extra income as well. It is working with the smart phones, having 6.0 android system minimum. It is mentioned as 56 Mb in size, and it is normal size for the success of the functionality of the phones. The download of Voyager app is reported as 1 million, which is symbol of success and accomplishment of this trading app in crypto currency. The users can visit the website of this app, and they can view the privacy policy for procuring efficient results as well. 

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App Usage:
• Easy to use interface
• The app is well designed
• Registration is very simple
• More than 60 coins are supported so that one can choose according to the requirement.
• No registration charges

• Verification requires some extra minute
• No Coin-to-coin trade system is available
• For certain transactions, there is need extra fees.

Rated App Version: 3.1.1 Phone Used: Samsung A31 - reviews Country: United States of America
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