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You can order card whether it be credit card or debit card and Mastercard or Visa card. You need money to transfer as it cuts the taxes between to make everything legal plus you need money to run this app but it has no special features of paid costumers. 

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Western Union is a money transfer app for quickly and hassle-free money transfer from USA to worldwide and vice versa. It is an app which falls in commodity as you need it for making your life easier and more organized as you can credit money in it through your debit card or credit card and even you can visit your local agent to credit the money in your app. It is the app which has been advancement in the sector of online banking but without the formalities and troubles of traditional banking and their account opening. Western Union has cut short distances of doing business as you can send money anywhere from USA or to USA at any time. 

App Features and Capabilities
  • Response Time: The App has response time of few seconds from anywhere in the world to USA and now in the Mexico and you can send from these two countries to all over the world. You just need to tap on the app and money will be wired wherever you want of your loved ones. You can transfer money 24x7 as there are no specific hours.
  • Sending Choices: There are two options for the sender as the sender can either send the money in a bank account of any sort or branch while it can send the money as specific pickup points too from where their loved ones can collect the money or send money to their relatives in United States of America or Mexico. 
  • Signup: The Signup of western union is very easy as you need to provide email and password and create your profile which includes all your personal information after making the profile you will become the member of their loyalty program, MyWU SM, where you can redeem awards and earn points. These points are used to redeem awards which can used as discounts at various points.
  • Finding Agent: Agents are dispersed in 200+ countries with around 600 thousand + in total who are of use to collect money and send money from the pickup spots in various places in the city. They are present nationwide in United States and Mexico and worldwide as well in various countries. Western Union has tackled the problem of reaching it out to those who are not so good with technology that is why WU has one of the biggest agents’ networks in the world. You can choose agent of your choice and send your money to that specific agent and your loved ones can pick up from the specific agent.
  • Referring to a friend: You can refer it to your friend and earn rewards in the form of cash which can be helpful for free on the go cash. You can earn up to 100$. It is feature available to make the new users come to the app.
  • Bills: You can pay your utility bills such as electricity, gas and water in the USA and Mexico. You can use it to pay the fees of the educational institutes. You pay your credit bills and all other various bill payments through this app.
  • Other Features: It has various features such setting a reminder to let you know when to send your specific payment. It stores the history of the transactions and money transfer which can be used to reuse it later which can make transfer easier. You can also track your transfers which can keep you up to dated regarding your money transfer. 

  • It is the most trusted network in the world for the international transactions and it has been around the corner from last since 1851 which makes it the oldest money transfer method in whole USA.
  • It has flexible ways to transfer money as you transfer it online into an account or the bank account while you can transfer it through a call or you can receive or send money in person from your local Western Union Agent which makes it the most versatile way of transferring.
  • Largest in the business with 600,000 branches or you can say agents; it is the largest money transfer system in USA and probably in the world as it is available in 200+ countries and that what makes it a more easily accessible. 

  • It has the higher fees, although the app does not charge itself but it has fees according to the country you are sending that is why it is often considered pretty expensive because mostly countries using this app are immigrants whom are from third world countries.
  • The price depends on the payment method you are sending by and the payment method your loved one is receiving and in which country they are receiving and how much the money is being transferred.
  • Bank transfers can take hefty amount of time as it is the least expensive method of payment and it still takes up to three to five business days to transfer money plus another con is that wire transfer is not available in the money transfer in America. 

Other Information to Know
Western Union app was released on August 18th, 2011. It has 4.8 stars rating on Appstore and 516.9K people has rated on these stars. It is available in 21 languages and it is only around 80 mb size. It is developed by Western Union. Holding, Inc 2018. It is named 28th in finance category app all over the world in Appstore. It is rated 4.5/5 stars in Playstore as 210K people have rated these and over 10 million people have downloaded this app through Playstore. It is available in every continent of the world with available in 200+ countries in the world. 

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