Whatsapp Business App Making Business easy for you

Whatsapp Business App Making Business easy for you

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Whatsapp Business - Q&A
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Paid Options
There are no paid features for WhatsApp Business App, but an advance version of the app that is for larger businesses is a paid one. This app, however, is completely free for its users.

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Every business, big or small, has its base on one thing, public communications; especially communications from clients and customers. However, a small business, communication from clients is the soul and sound of the business and WhatsApp Business provides a platform for that. 
WhatsApp Business offers an opportunity for business holders to have a separate business WhatsApp account in your phone along with your social account for family and friends. This account specializes in providing a business profile and helps you label the importance of each client separately. WhatsApp Business is one of the best apps for business as it connects various money and other important apps.

App Features and Capabilities
• Free to Download: The free to download and use but have a limit to most of its features. For unlimited features, you have the option of shifting to WhatsApp Business API. 
• Business Profile: Create your business profile on WhatsApp Business and let your contact details be your identity. 
• Catalogs: Create a personalized catalog for your business products and services for your customers. 
• Automated Messages: Create a message to introduce your business to new customers or a message to convey when you will be available if you are busy. 
• Quick Replies: Create short and quick replies and use shortcuts to type them. These can save lots of time and keep a routine so each customer is treated equally. 
• Labels: Label your chat conversations so you know which conversation is at which level in the business transactions. 
• Use Landline Number: use your local landline number to create the account, you can use the option, “Call Me” to get the code for activation. 
• WhatsApp Web: WhatsApp Business can be run on the website version of WhatsApp. 
• Dark Theme: WhatsApp Business has launched the facility of Dark Theme in the latest release, however, the version is only available in iOS. 
• Multiple Languages: Work in your local language; the app allows a minimum of 40 languages. 
• Content display: Control who’s messaged pictures and videos you want to see in your gallery. 
• New search options make it easier to search for chats and conversations based on labels, authors, and content type. 
• All Basic WhatsApp features like Pictures, Audio, Videos, Location, Contact Cards, and Document sending, Profile Pictures, Group Chats, Voice messaging, Statuses, Double End Encryption, and Broadcast are also available for WhatsApp Business. 

• WhatsApp is the largest worldwide used messaging app, it means the customer range is much larger than other customer service formats. this is also helpful as texting is a more preferred way of communication in current times. WhatsApp also has its basic features to add to the WhatsApp Business. 
• The Two-End Encryption and Verified Profiles of the business make it easier for the end-customers to trust the business representative. This simplifies the transactions, enhancing privacy, and boosts profitability. 
• WhatsApp Business lets you modify the app to work according to your business structure. For example, if you run a bus service, you can ask the customer to select the seat without leaving the chat window. 

• Only one business number per phone unless you use apps like dual space which consume a lot of battery and are prone to hanging. 
• The WhatsApp Web version only works when the phone is connected to the internet. In other situations, it would not work. If the phone runs out of battery or is lost there is no way to reach the account. 
• In case of losing or breaking the phone, the User is helpless as they cannot shut or lock the application; putting a lot at stake. 
• Only a limited number of new users can be messaged in a day, there are 3 tiers each with an increased limit but it can cause problems if the account is the base of customer support of a big company. 

Other Information to Know
WhatsApp is a subsidiary of Facebook, it released WhatsApp Business in January 2018, only for Andriod phones. The iPhone version came in April 2019, more than a year later. The app has over 100 Million downloads on Playstore alone. The count of downloads from the App Store and other such websites is unknown. 

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App Usage:
1. It's easy to use as its user interface based on the simple format of WhatsApp.
2. The customer range is fantastic as a large part of phone users in the world uses WhatsApp.
3. The app is the best solution for small businesses.

1. The app needs to work on themes and group member limit as it is a major turn-off for most users.
2. There is a limit on the number of group members that can be added as well as message broadcasted. This can create an irregularity in the business outlook as different customers might receive a slightly different message.
3. The account can only be used in 1 phone, so the user will have the sole burden of running the profile.

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1 reviews
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