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Seller: VLB (...) Category: Social Reviewed Version: 5.4.4
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Paid Options
The app is free to download from the app store. You can buy different coins like 450Wicoins, 80Wicoins to enjoy complete features. These features include your account boost. You can send single message to 100 users at a time to get quick response. The app blurs most of the messages in your inbox which can only be opened after you buy in app purchases or subscription i.e. weekly or monthly.   

Supported Languages: English

Wiz is an amazing friends making app just made for fun and connections. You can simply log in to app and make your account with all the relevant details about yourself and there you go. The app connects you with millions of people around the world to connect with and play different challenges etc. The app is a famous social networking app which take cares of all the inappropriate content as well. The app blocks or remove all users who tries to share any inappropriate content with other users. You can find a lot of people online who are ready to chat with on this cool app.   

App Features and Capabilities
  • Global network: Wiz connects you with the people from different countries. Once you get online, you can chat with other users from different countries. The app is amazing in terms of talking with other users. Just browse and start chatting with online people.      
  • Video Chat: Wiz app has this amazing feature of video chat which makes it more special. You just feel like you are with your friends while video chatting with them. This feature shows physical identity of other users and let you interact and understand in a much better way.    
  • Discover: The app makes sure that you get to connect with your type of people. The swiping option let you choose to whom you want to connect or not. You can chat with different types of people from different countries to know about their culture, interests and lifestyle.          
  • Unlimited messages: The app allows users to chat unlimited with the people they connect. Despite of your gender and personal likings you will find every gender and type of human beings on the app to whom you can connect quickly.    
  • Social gaming: The app offers different types of interaction option to its users. You can connect with others through chatting, video calling and also by playing different fun games with them on the app. The blue royal type of games increases the interest among different users with each other.    

  • The app is simple and allows you to connect with people more easily.  
  • The app doesn’t require any long login forms to start with. 
  • Despite of your gender, the app has to offer for everyone with orientation feature. 
  • You can easily get comfortable after connecting with a user. 
  • The app is free to use for all the users.
  • The app has amazing design with easy to use interface.        

  • The app has glitches and bugs which makes it slow sometimes.
  • The app charges to use most of its premium features.
  • The app charges for most of the things to be enjoyed. 
  • The app doesn’t push your profile unless you get account boost.   
  • The app doesn’t allow you to add much in the bio.
  • You can’t search according to tags or username on the app.   

Other Information to Know
Wiz is an emerging social networking app. The seller of this app is VLB. This app ranks at no. 14 in the category of social networking and has more than 100 million downloads. The app has a rating of 4.4 stars on app store. It has a rating of 4.2 stars on google play store. The app is available in English language. You can download it for free from app store. The size of the app is 96.4 MB. This app is compatible with android and iOS system and requires IOS 13.0 or later. The age rating is 17+ for using this app.  

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