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YouTube Kids - Q&A
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YouTube Kids is created especially for kids, to give them a more contained environment which makes it simpler and fun for them and which helps their kids to explore on their own. with the help of this app parents and caregivers, can easily guide the journey of their kids as they discover exciting and new interests along the way. Therefore, its the best app for all kids. And already used by more than 100 million kids across the globe. This app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

App Features and Capabilities
  1. Limit screen time – in this app parents can set time limits. This feature is very helpful, it saves kids from getting addicted to this app, after setting the time limit this app automatically shuts down. Parents can adjust the time limit, any time effortlessly.
  2. Watching history – this feature is very helpful for parents to know what their kid watched and the newest interests they are exploring. This feature helps parents to understand their kids more because by watching history they know what their kid is aware of and they will also understand strong and weak points in their kid.
  3. Blocking – in this app, there’s a blocking option as well. To block any video or the whole channel. This feature is very useful, if your kid found some video or channel annoying, he can block it simply by pressing the blocking button. 
  4. Flagging – after watching some inappropriate content in this app, you can immediately make the YouTube kids team alert by simply flagging that content for review. And the best part about this app is that it reviews flagged content twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Profiles – in this app you can create up to eight kid profiles, each with their viewing preference, settings, and video recommendations. Select an age category that fits your child like older, younger, or pre-school, you can choose the Approved Content Only option as well. YouTube Kids team recommends parental set up to ensure the best future and experience possible for your kid. 
  6. Library – this app is filled with all kinds of videos for all kinds of kids. YouTube Kids has videos on all different topics which enable your kid’s inner creativity and playfulness to come to life. Its everything from learning how to build a model volcano to their favorite shows, music, and everything in between.

  1. The parental setup ensures the best future and experience possible for your kid
  2. Its flagging feature is very useful to make the youtube kids team alert by simply flagging inappropriate content.

  1. The chances of damaging the eye using this app via tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc are 100% because kids have very delicate eyes. In this case, books and real teachers are very much preferable.

Other Information to Know
YouTube Kids team works hard to keep the video on their app family-friendly and uses a mix of automated filters built by their special engineering teams, feedback from parents, and human review to protect their youngest users from inappropriate content. But as we all know, no system is perfect, at any time an inappropriate video can slip through but the youtube kids’ team is constantly working to improve their safeguard and offer more security.

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