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Paid Options
YouTube Music has a monthly subscription called YouTube Music Premium that comes at 9.99$ per month in which you get the features to play music at the background which is not available in the free version. It allows you to download music and their videos which is also not available in the free version. Subscription will remove the ads, so your experience will not be hindered by ads, and you will enjoy the time without any interruption of the ads unlike the free version of the app.

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YouTube Music is a music real-time feature created by YouTube, an auxiliary of Google. It gives a customized interface to the administration situated towards music streaming, permitting clients to peruse through melodies and music recordings on YouTube dependent on kinds, playlists, and suggestions. YouTube Music puts a lot of attention on its discovery feature as the home screen of browser and app keep changing continuously that the viewer gets new music by every given minute. 

YouTube Music is a modification from conventional music administrations, particularly because it is around video just as sound. As YouTube music is in the market, Google promises to shut Google Music for good and users to shift playlist to YouTube Music. 

App Features and Capabilities
• Music Audio And Video: YouTube Music Provides music videos, unlike other music streaming apps which gives YouTube Music an edge over the rest of the competitors of YouTube Music. It is a cool plus point.

• Music Recommendation: The new UI system has a system to record your preferences of genre which tracks what you have been listening lately and gives you the latest music according to your previous learning, and it is all done by an algorithm.

• Personal Playlist: You can make your personalized playlist and add songs which you can listen again and again and making it easier for you to access them whenever you want without going through the searches.

• Library: The library is a section in the app in which gives you a lot of things in one place. You can see your download, Songs, Albums, Songs, Subscription and various things in this section. You cannot add videos which are for kids into the subsections of the library.

• Like and Dislike: You can like and dislike every song that you listen to or every music video that you watch. The app keeps track of your preference in this regard too and pop up likes of liked songs and omit your disliked songs.

• YouTube Music gives an edge with its feature of music videos instead of only music audio like other apps 
• YouTube Music lets you pre-save the album before the release of the albums which makes a little reminder for the upcoming albums. 
• YouTube Music allows you to add your favourite album or mix as a home screen of mobile as a shortcut. 
• The new UI update has added a feature of lyrics of songs and videos. 

• The ads in the free version can be annoying after every song, as there is an ad which can kill the mood and halt the rhythm while listening. 
• The features of YouTube Music has lesser than that of YouTube Premium. 
• The free version of YouTube Music does not allow its users to play music in the background that causes a hinder while doing work and listening to music. 
• The free version does not also allow the users to download the music for playing it offline. 

Other Information to Know
YouTube Music released on November 12, 2015. YouTube Music is available in 95 countries. The website of YouTube Music is It is available on Android, IOS, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, Android TV, and Android Auto. It has a 4.7-star rating on Apple App Store, and it has around 15 million users worldwide. YouTube Music app was downloaded over 13.3 million times on the Google Play Store and 4 million times from the Apple App Store and making the app one of the leading music streaming app in the world.

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App Usage:

• It has a feature of music videos which is a cool little feature for me as I like the artwork in the music videos.
• It has an option of live performances which takes you to a section where you can watch live performances of your favourite singers.
• I like its endless mixtape and its offline mixtape, which saves me data and saves me a lot of time searching again and again.

• It annoys me that it does not has podcasts like Google Play Music and Spotify.
• It does not have the band Beatles on it which is one of the classic favourites of a lot of old age people.
• It does not support Amazon Echo and Fire TV
• I cannot like or dislike music in my downloaded mixtape or the offline mixtape.

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