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Problem to login your Google account
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(There is a problem to communicating with google server)  This message or similar show whenever you login to your google account in your smartphone.

    (For this trick your phone should be rooted)

  1.First of all Check "Unknown Sources" enabled or not for this purpose
     (Go to setting>security.  drag down and check "Unknown sources" and make sure it remains enable.) 

   2. download "ES File Explorer" application and install it.
   3.open the "ES File Explorer" application and click on three line left top corner.
   4.Enable Root Explorer.
   5.Click on "local" and then "device" then "system" and "etc" find "Host".
   6.Click on Host File and open it with "Note editor" 
   7.Clear all data from it and type. localhost
   8.Save it .
  Congrats you done.
  Now go to setting>accounts>add account>   sign in to your google account. 

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