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Get sinhala fonts to your smart phone with Helakuru app
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Are you having troubles with reading sinhala fonts in your phone such as in Facebook,word,pdf and other writings?Helakuru app helps you to type in Sinhala from your mobile phone. It supports both Smart Phonetic & Smart Wijesekara keyboard layouts for Sinhala. Also you can easily do word Predictions & Voice Typing for both Sinhala & English languages. You can use Helakuru to type in Sinhala/English faster than ever as Helakuru adopts very simple & easy to learn keyboard layouts for a beginner as well as for a expert in Sinhala typing.
There are lot of features such as voice typing,theme store ,Helakuru Plus Portal  Emoji Support , Word Predictions, Bilingual support, Keyboard Layouts, System-wide support and  Sinhala Unicode Rendering.So if you need to read /write sinhala letters you just need to install Helakuru app to your mobile.

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English and sinhala
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