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Koka Emoji Keyboard on Android
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How to Install Koka Emoji Keyboard?

People who are very fond of chating on Whatsapp or Facebook or Messages feel very comfortable when they have unique amazing typing keyboards like latest emojies, different colour schemes of keywords.Koka emoji keyboard is quite different keyboards means its beautiful.

Lets know how to install it.

1: First open Google play store app. 

2: Type koka emoji keyboard in search bar. 

3: Cick on Install option.

 4: After installation of keyboard, open your message and click on type message bar then keyboard will pop up. Click on keyboard icon on bottom right side of screen. 

5: Now it will ask you to select keyboard of your choice. Like i am going to choose koka emoji pro

6: Now your message keyboard will be changed to koka emoji pro keyboard. 

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