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Neighbors By ring
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This app is great! Neighbors by Ring shows your neighborhood and alerts you about whats going on around you. From live footage of car robbing, to tips about how to keep your neighbors safe. This app is great for anyone. The one downfall is you can only see whats going on in your neighbor hood. If you have Ring installed at your home you can see from that device alone. I was notified of a shooting a couple blocks away from me. you can choose your radius of your neighborhood as well and how close something has to be to alert you. I think this app is great for everyone but especially people who live in lower class areas, or people who have children at home. Keeping our families safe is always a number one priority. This app can help you and your family stay safe and keep updated about whats going on in your neighborhood. This is the internet version of the old 'Neighborhood watch.' I enjoy this app and expect to keep it and maybe even have the actual ring system installed in my home. I can see what my neighbors cameras catch as soon as they post it. I think this would be very ideal for almost anyone. 

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