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Win money by walking
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Hello! I discovered a new app and I want to share with you:
- Download the "SweatCoin"application, available on every store (I use appstore)
- Enter and sign up with the real information. (if you want you can get my reff it would also help me very-very much: https://sweatcoin.org/w/paul262594)
- Set your location use (GPS) running everytime in background
- Take the daily reward 
- Just walk. 
- **TIP** walking with bike it's monitorizing (unless you're going faster than ~15mph [20km/h]) 
- **TIP** it's getting weekly data from iPhone Health-app & Samsung Health, so you can take some extra prizes

It's simple as that. You don't have to do something special for this one, put in your pocket and everytime you're walking with it it's monitorizing your steps and add some little extra SweatCoins who can be converted in money If you want to try it, it's free. You don't have nothing to lose. You can regist on my refferal (only if you want to) and try it. 

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