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Easy back up for Android smartphones
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Its always been a problem when your mobiles get any issues and need to be formatted to get back to the condition. We all use internet in mobile phones and a small virus also can affect the mobile performance.Even if you use antivirus software there are chances. Also for best performance and clear all unwanted files its a good practice to format your mobile once in 6 months. So backing up files is a main headache for all. Rooting procedure is bit confusing when you are a beginner but when using correct files and all its very easy. There are lot of features we can have after the rooting process. Titanium backup software is a good example. This app can be used to back up all the files,pictures,videos,messages,games etc to the server and we can recover it anytime ever after formatting. No need to backup to your system and again transferring to mobile. Just install the app and enjoy.

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