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Palette app, by PixelPerfect Apps, is a literal life saviour for all the design students and people who are in the designing field as a whole. It is a simple interface which lets you extract colours from any kind of image, whether the one from a public library or from your own album. The home page first provides you with an option of ‘take a photo’ and ‘choose from the library’ – choose or take a photo and go wild! If you are not able to download any photo from the internet, you can just copy the URL and paste it in the ‘open image URL’ box option.

Once you slide to the next tab, it shows a lot of colour-rich photos, which automatically gives you a ready-made palette, so that you don’t have to work hard to put together a nice and appealing colour palette; the app will do that for you. The next tab has favourites – photos, colours and palettes. You can save whatever photo, colours and palette you want, and all of it will show under this tab. The three dots at the top right corner contains settings, which has only one toggle – and that is of showing only major colours from the image. The other options there are ‘about us’, ‘rate’ and ‘share the app’, which are pretty self-explanatory.

All in all, everyone will agree that it is the simplest app, and actually the one which carries out whatever it promises to do. A boon for students and designers alike.
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