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Learning advanced coding languages is a great way to boost your chances of getting competitive jobs. If not advanced, having the basic knowledge of programming languages is very necessary too. However, many of us do find them very challenging and give up. Now, you can learn coding python, C, C+, HTML, JavaScript, and many more at Sololearn.
Sololearn app teaches you programming languages in a most efficient and fun manner. It also promises real-world practice to make your coding skills strong. The platform has currently 10 million+ downloads and has 4.5 ratings at PlayStore. Its in-app purchases are affordable as well. 
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Coursera is an online course app where you can find your ideal course and get a certificate. The app has more than 10 million downloads. Anyone can increase their skills by enrolling in their top courses. These courses are available to you at affordable prices as well. Coursera has access to 200+ world-class universities. Even if you can't afford paid courses, you can enroll in the free ones.
Increase the number of skills to fill in your resume with Coursera. On this platform, you get live courses from Michigan, Yale, Google, IBM, Duke, University of London, Facebook, and many more. The platform is perfect for those who want to learn. 
  • Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship.
  • Python, C++, Java, Machine Learning, Statistics, Probability, Data, NLP, SQL.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Designing, Creative Writing, Music, Photography.
  • Leadership, Negotiation, Public Speaking.
  • Robotics, Chemistry, Medicine, Nutrition. 
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