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Anita Deshmukh
September 16, 2020
Sale Price: ₹999 Save ₹3000 (75% Off) List Price: ₹3999 in India at amazon.com Category: Accessory
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  • 9mm Dual Drivers.
  • Power Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 support.
  • 3 pairs Of Changeable Silicone Eartips Provides Comfortable Fit.
This Wireless Headset Has Unique Speakers With 9mm Dual Drivers With Deep Bass. Truke Yoga Power Bluetooth Comes With 5.0 support. Its 2 Times Faster Than A Normal Bluetooth. This Wireless Headset Comes With 360mAh Battery. Ii Provides 20hrs Non-stop Music. It's A Rapid Charging Of Minimum 90mins. It Comes With Silicon Eartips Very Comfortable to Fit- In. It Is Sweat-free So That Anybody Can Enjoy Wearing It Even While Workout. This Wireless Headset Has Multi-function Buttons Remote Control To Manage Calls / Music. This Wireless Headset Comes With One Year Warranty.
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1 results - showing 1 - 1