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Sale Price: $40.99 Save $8.96 (18% Off) List Price: $45.95 In United States at target.com Category: Computer
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  • Bluetooth connectivity of 2.4 GHz
  • Compatible with all OS
  • 1000 DPI
  • Ergonomic design
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse has Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology. It is compatible with operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Google OS, Linux, etc. The mouse has an adjustable DPI that goes up to 1000 resolution. It is efficient in giving a reliable connection from a long distance as well. It is designed ergonomically which reduces tiredness and provides comfort. This mouse is sleek, small, and portable. Also, it has advanced multifunctional features. It has seven highly functional buttons and latent wireless technology of 2.4GHz. Its weight is 0.34 pounds. 
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1 results - showing 1 - 1