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How to improve performance for Smartphone
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Looking to improve your Smartphone's performance? Then keep reading carefully.
Having a slow performance on a Smartphone isn't a rare thing, moreover, sometimes it might just get stuck and stop working. So you'd have to restart the device.

The most common problem for this issue is the fact that you're running out of memory, the more spare memory you have the better. You should never overload your memory on your Smartphone, and always make sure there's at least more than 300 mb left on the device itself (not the SD card).

Your first step is obviously to adjust the settings so that all the downloaded stuff will get straight to the SD card, and not the device itself, however, many applications don't do that, so we might encounter a problem with the SD card being almost empty and device overloaded. Sadly, you can't do anything about it. Make sure to keep all the necessary applications and data on your phone, and delete everything else. It's important to prioritize correctly. 

Stopped playing a game, but keeping it for the sake of nostalgy? Delete it!

Check the picture on how to clear cache and data in storage:

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