How to do conference call in Redmi 5?

How to do conference call in Redmi 5?

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How to do conference call in Redmi 5?
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Conference call connects multiple calls at a single time. Now a days its very important for group discussions. Project discussions when there is no internet connection available.

1: Go to your home screen of mobile and click on "Dial" option to connect your call with anyone.

2: Once a call contact with your friend then you can see a plus sign "+" option on your screen. Click on "+" sign to dial another call number.

3: When second call connected. Then first call will be on hold. So you have to click on "Merge Calls" sign, you can see on your screen. After clicking on that option both calls will be merged as conference call.

4: Now both calls are connected. You can see a "conference call" on your screen. Under the name of Conference call you can see the names of persons connected with that call.

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