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In light of your experience, clarify what you like or dislike with your mobile phone specialist organization(service provider) from the viewpoint at your city/state

- Cost of the plan  

- Network coverage  

- Data limit  

- Data speed  

- Customer service  

- Compare to other cell phone carriers in your region
asked in Pakistan by nazish-azam

116 Answers

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I am user of ufone. Its network coverage is of good quality and they offer different packages and bundles. Everything is good, but their internet is very poor especially 3G internet. There is no use of subscribing to their internet package because it is just useless....Can't download single video using their internet...just shows buffering of videos whenever i use 3G internet of ufone.
answered by xahid
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Zong is my mobile network provider. It is the best network in Pakistan as provides many facilities to its users. It has good quality network all over the Pakistan. 

Another good news is that, in 2017 Zong has offered a plan for its 4G internet users which has subscribing option for 3 months...really!!

3 Months Plans For Zong 4G Internet SIM

             Price                    Validity                   Volume

              Rs. 1000             3 Months             3 GB/month

              Rs. 1800            3 Months             10 GB/month

answered by mariab
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I am using telenor for last 4 months just for its cheap and less rates. I switched to this network but all went has only less rates but their network quality is totally zero..Internet speed is really slow, it does not matter either you use 2G or 3G because it is totally zero..I can't make my internet as hotspot because it runs too slow..very disappointed after shifting my network to telenor.
answered by zikria
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Zong is the best mobile network provider in my area. It is best in each situation. It runs fast either you are in city or small town. I would like to share my experience of Zong internet sim as follow:

1 Month Plans for Zong 4G Internet SIM

               Price                         Validity                           Volume

               Rs. 500                      30 Days                          3 GB

               Rs. 800                      30 Days                          10 GB

               Rs. 1500                    30 Days                           24 GB

               Rs. 2000                    30 Days                            50 GB
answered by mike
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I am using Warid simcard as my mobile network. Last few years, warid has provided awesome call rates, but their network quality is really bad.

For Warid Prepaid Lowest Call Rate 30 Seconds package, 4 On-Net(Warid to Warid) and 1 Off-Net (PTCL/other mobile) number can be selected as FnF.

For Warid Prepaid 1 Second and Warid Prepaid 60 Seconds packages, 5 On-Net(Warid to Warid) numbers can be selected as FnF.
answered by zeshan
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Hello, i am ufone user and it has following qualities:
1-Good network coverage
2-Super card family
3-Internet bundles
4-Voice offers
6-Convert package option
8-Press center
They also provide online customer services so that users can come in contact with the operator and their queries can be solved as soon as possible.
answered by echa
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Jazz is my mobile network service provider. I am totally satisfied with this network service. It provides best network coverage in Pakistan and almost in all cities of Pakistan. Also, the data speed is high and fast in all metro cities.

With the Monthly Data All Rounder Offer you can make All-net calls, send SMS and surf the internet for 30 days. All of this in just Rs.499 (inclusive of tax) per month!

Offer details:

All Network      200 Minutes
Internet              5000 MB
Validity               x+29 days
Subscription       *2000#
Subscription Fee   Rs. 499 (
SMS                        200
answered by levis
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I am a user of Zong network. It has fastest speed of internet in all over the Pakistan.

Zong provides economical rated packages and bundles.

Their network quality is excellent.

They provide 4G internet which runs very fast, no matter you are in big city or small town.

Good Night Offer in Rs. 12+Tax/day, having data limit of 2GB  and is       Applicable from 1am to 9am.
answered by umekalsoom
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I am a client of telenor network and i just shifted to this network because of its cheap and less rates. But what can we do with cheap rates if there is no network signal...
There is much problem of this network's signals even in big cities..also its 4G is not available in major cities of Pakistan...
I can use this network with ease only in Islamabad but not in another city of Pakistan..only in Islamabad i get clear signals and do not face any issue with the call quality..
answered by lucas
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I am a user of warid...i think this network is not at the first place but also not at the last is fulfilling the purpose of network i.e.

providing good network coverage

average data limit and speed

acceptable customer service

but the problem that i face is that it does not provide sms weekly packages on eid..
answered by fati
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East or West, ufone is the best laugh

I am a ufone user and really happy with this network service provider. 

It provides:

  • Bundle sms
  • Package sms
  • Free calls
  • Internet package
  • Bundle Packages
  • Ufone Daily On-Net SMS Package in just Rs. 2 which is valid for 1 day.

From every aspect, this network is the winner among all of the networks.

answered by diya
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Telenor is my mobile network provider and it is an International provider of voice, data, internet and mobile communication services in Pakistan. As this is a big company so it maintains its value and quality for its clients and users.

I never faced any issue or signal dropping with this network.

I always get best data limit and fast speed internet.

Djuice offers are connected to telenor hence it is making more customers especially young generation..

Telenor - Facebook Flex gives 1000 MBs for 1 Day in Rs.0....shocking surprise but it is true... thanks telenor for providing such good service.

answered by rija
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I use jazz as network service provider. I belong to Lahore, Pakistan and in my city this network does not cause any issue with the signal. Network coverage is good and data limit and speed is also excellent.
"Jazz Monthly All Network Offer" is really great and can be easily subscribed by *7000#.
answered by zia
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In light of my experience, my mobile phone specialist organization(service provider) is "Zong"

- Cost of the plan : Acceptable

- Network coverage  : Excellent,no signal droping

- Data limit : above average

- Data speed  :3G,4G

- Customer service  :Great
answered by sequential
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I am a user of Zong and Zong is a Pakistan mobile network operator headquartered in Islamabad, which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services, mobile banking to fixed telephony.
You can get all your details from the ease of your home with Zong E-Care

Mobile Internet
Mobile Internet · Mobile Broadband · Internet SIM
Different packages are available for customers which includes
economy, 20 seconds, flutter etc..
answered by jutt
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I am using ufone and it is the best cellular network service provider in Pakistan. It is the third numbered mobile network operator in Pakistan. 

Plans are available at reasonable prices with good quality network coverage.

It gives:

  • Self Care Login
  • Ufone Night SMS Package
  • Ufone Daily On-Net SMS Package
  • Ufone Super Card Plus - Rs. 599
  • Ufone Super Card - 499 Per Month and many more...
in short, this network is doing its best to fulfill the requirements of its clients in all over the Pakistan also in the small towns of the country.
answered by furqan

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