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Review of United States mobile / cell phone service providers

Explain what you like or dislike with your cell phone service provider from the following aspect at your area (city/state)

- Cost of the plan

- Network coverage

- Data limit

- Data speed

- Customer service

- Compare to other cell phone carriers in your region

in United States of America by ctech
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I live in bluefield West Virginia and currently have straight talk. Although their coverage is good for this mountain area, I am not satisfied with their data. At 5g they cap my data and slow it down significantly. For $45 a month they aren't really cheaper than other carriers. Their customer service is average. I would definitely change plans if I took the time to research a better carrier.
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I have Sprint and love my unlimited text and data. But when i drive through my city Memphis(TN) and drive past the same place my data must freeze because my my musics starts buffering and theres multiple places around the city this happens. Sprints customer support is awful and is always a struggle to deal with. And to have unlimited data and talk and text it comes at a hefty price. Sprint has the most customers so I believe they dont care about a good service or customer support they only care about PROFITS.

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I really like the AT&T next plan that allows one to upgrade her phone before her contract is expired. But I dislike the fact that the unlimited talk, text and data plans are never really unlimited.
by morgansheri
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I like AT&T wireless service located in Houston, Texas. The service in my area is pretty good from my point of view. The best thing I like about their service is the fact that I can upgrade my phone as long as I pay off half the phone and trade my old phone in or pay 70 percent off of my current phone and keep that phone and upgrade to a new phone so i can get an upgrade every 4 to 5 month and thats a big plus for me. I do have some fault with their customer service and the cost of their plans, but overall they have great service. Now look at the following details about the service:

Cost of the plan The cost of the plan is not that bad it is kind of expensive but I will pay that for the quality of 

- Network coverage The coverage is great in my area I rarely have drop calls or unable to connect to the internet. 

- Data limit: I  have unlimited data with restrictions.

- Data speed:  I have 4g data speed that lives up to its name and is fast

- Customer service: The customer service on the internet chat is the best now over the phone and in the store they are very rude and you have to go through at least three or four hours of getting a problem solve after begin told different thing.

- Compare to other cell phone carriers in your region: They have the best product I have had since been in Houston, TX because their product is great.

by niyalynn33
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s7 is my like wireless cellfone
by niroshan-rock
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I have metro PCS and its amazing!
Cost- Only 40$, completely unlimited data and 7 extra gigabytes for wireless tethering.
Coverage- The coverage is great.
Never had a problem with SPEED and I download and watch YouTube videos daily.
Customer services always quick friendly service with multiple locations to visit near Flint, MI
NEVER will go back to AT&T. OUTRAGEOUS prices and also would charge for extra gigabytes when I didn't even download 1 full gigabyte.
As for VERIZON the customer service in Flint MI is dreadful at the main store on miller rd, you'll be in the for at least 2 hours. However the newer one on Hill Rd is quick and friendly.
by erickson3ann
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I use AT & T because of it high LTE internet speed and network 7Mbps coverage(very strong even in the rural areas)

Very expensive compare to it's competitors but then the competitors don't offer their kind of internet speed.
by laurenbrax
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I live in Wilmington Ohio and I have the free Q Link wireless cell Phone Likes, It has a good wireless coverage and good battery life. It also has many features of your paid wireless cell phones and you get the internet also with the plane you get for free. The Q link wireless also gives you a new phone if your phone breaks or goes defective or does not work anymore. This phone does not disconnect you when using this phone when you are talking on it. The dislikes are, Q links only gives you a certain amount of minutes to talk and limited data which if you use it all the time you don't have enough data or minutes in the free plane. Also if you use up your minutes you can't call anywhere until the next month when your minutes are updated. 

by onnik77
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I will talk more about T-mobile; I really enjoy the T-mobil one unlimited plan it cost $70 per month. it provides 4G LTE but when you are in a congested area, you will experience a slow down in the speed. having said this, t-mobile one unlimited is never a total unlimited plan because I can't stream movies with a high screen resolution and when you exceed the a given GB per day, your connection gets really slow. Nevertheless, t-mobile provides effective customer service and when compared with other it is still be best for me; though AT&T has a cheaper unlimited plan but it also come with a lot of restrictions - also other service provider are costlier than T-mobile but still provides the same service as T-mobile.(Sheri- Providence, Utah)
by morgansheri
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I'll answer as clearly as i can.

I use a non-contract service called Straight Talk which is a Walmart-owned brand. (Walmart is the "big" store here in the United States they are everywhere.)

- Cost of the plan

I pay $45 per month.

- Network coverage

The network used by Straight Talk is Verizon.

It works well everywhere, I have found, except in remote areas of the state where I live, Wyoming. For example I was up at Grand Tetons National Park and had no cell service for about an hour, til I got away from it. Couldn't call, couldn't send texts!

- Data limit

I don't really pay attention to my data limit. I access the internet on a daily basis but only check out sites like Wikipedia or watch YouTube videos. I don't play games online.

- Data speed

Again I don't pay attention. I think Straight Talk has recently increased the amount of time I have at a high speed of data. But for what I use, it's always been fine. Occasionally YouTube videos will buffer, but that's more a Verizon issue - if I'm in a remote area it doesn't work too well.

- Customer service

It has been a couple of years since I used Customer Service. I believe that at that time they were quite helpful.

- Compare to other cell phone carriers in your region

I used to use Tracphone - in fact I still use Tracphone for my cell phone that is not a smartphone. I pay $20 for 3 months phone service for that.

Straight Talk is an excellent service and I can recommend it.
by thethunderchild
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I live in Waycross, Ga and i am satisfied with my carrier. I use Verizon wireless and it's a good phone with good sound quality. I also am satisfied with my plan and internet accessability. My plan in unlimited talk/text/internet for $30 a month.  I like the pricing plan as it is very affordable. I've actually never used any other type of carrier. Customer service is pretty good too. They normally get right on the phone with you and don't keep you on hold.
by scottyc2112
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I use ultra mobile in Atlanta GA. The cost of the plan is quite compared to some other cell phone carriers. I pay 49$ monthly for limited talk, text and data. I also have 15$ worth of international calls. The network coverage is very good here in Atlanta. I have unlimited data but it slows down a bit when it's almost finished. It is also very fast. The customer service is quite helpful. Compare to other cell phone carriers in my region, Ultra Mobile is cheap and reliable.
by halibee
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-I live in Detroit Lakes, MN
-I use Verizon

Cost of the plan: I have the unlimited plan, so it comes out to around $90/month. Obviously I'd like it to be cheaper, but I feel that $90 is reasonable considering the amount of data I use.
Call quality/network coverage: Call quality is great everywhere except the street I live on. I have no idea why. When you look at their coverage charts online, our street is a little island of no-coverage in the area. Data use still works fine, it's just that calls are low-quality in my house. I knew that going into it though and was willing to deal with the lack of coverage since I rarely make phone calls anyway and am using the plan for data mostly.
Data limit: I have unlimited so this doesn't really apply to me.
Data speed: Very good in most conditions. It doesn't work well when it's terribly windy or if it's raining hard, but that's a common issue across all carriers.
Customer service: I used their online customer service and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly their support was and how quickly they answered my questions. I can't comment on their phone customer service.
Compared to other carriers in the area: We basically don't have any carriers in the area and it boils down to Verizon Vs Sprint if you want any decent amount of data. I switched to Verizon for their unlimited plan and I am happy with my decision.

by emg001
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- Cost of the plan - i'm using $40 per moth package

- Network coverage - quite good in portland

- Data limit - my package is unlimited

- Data speed - 7-21 Mbps

- Customer service - i would say 50/50 this depend on the customer care agent you get on the phone . most of the time they do help to solve matters and sometime i have to call a supervisor ( i'll have to hang couple of more minutes on the line )
by judy5664
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 location -1,Issaquah ,Washington,usa

cell 406 393-8203

like - really like the Cricket wireless next plan that allows one to upgrade her phone before her contract is expired. The service in my area is pretty good from my point of view. The best thing I like about their service is the fact that I can upgrade my phone as long as I pay off half the phone and trade my old phone in or pay 70 percent off of my current phone and keep that phone and upgrade to a new phone so i can get an upgrade every 4 to 5 month and thats a big plus for me. 

by dami1111
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I really like the AT&T as a cell phone service provider in Chesterfield, Missouri,United States. Their data speed is very good and also customer service. The cost of their plan is average that is the positive thing.
by geraldwglasner
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Glad to see such a question in here.My carrier is At&t.From then I haven't experienced  any error with my carrier.So I am very glad with my selection.Actually it fulfills 100% of my needs.
by avindu1998
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I currently have a pay as you go plan from Verizon Wireless in Manassas, VA.  Its not perfect but, pretty decent.  The coverage is very good, but customer support can be frustrating.

Cost of the plan is $45.00 a month.

Coverage is excellent.

It's is an unlimited data plan, and the speed is 4g.

Customer service can be frustrating.  You have to jump through hoops to get a live person.  And you usually have to bounce around quite a bit to find someone who can help you.

Being near a large Metropolitan area, most wireless carriers have similar coverage, but Verizon seems to be just a hair better.

Hope this Helps.
by tobyj
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I have sprint and have had it for almost 20 years. I think it's the best deal going for unlimited everything. We pay about $50 a line with no slow down on data. We get great network coverage in the area where we live (chicago area) One of the best things is their customer service. Anytime I call they are super helpful. Sprint is the only carrier I have ever used as I have never been tempted to switch
by becky-brooks
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Cost of the plan 

- Network coverage -tmobile

- Data limit -1gb

- Data speed lte upto 1gb

- Customer service Tmobile

I relly like it because of free international calls but data is really limited if you dont mind about it this is a great package cost me $29

by davidjones0003
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I live near Bozeman, Montana.

I currently pay $40 or $80 a month. That's because I sometimes switch prepaid plans if I need to.

The only provider that covers this rural area outside the city is Verizon. Verizon does have that going for them. They usually have good coverage in my experience.

$40 gets me 3gb of 4g lte speeds, then much slower speeds with Verizon's "always on" data. $80 dollars gets me the unlimited data plan with 4g lte speeds, but unfortunately that does not mean they won't choke your bandwidth to death. I get only around 20 - 30 kB/s during the day. The reason is because they will choke certain plans to make sure others get the speeds they pay for, or at least that's what I've been told.

Except for the lying rep that conned me, claiming that my data would run at 4g lte speeds most of the time (they've been choking it to the point that it's almost unusable from 8 am to past midnight most days), customer service has been alright. They won't refund me anything, or pay me back for the $500 I spent on setting my phone up as my internet instead of something else based on lying rep's word, but they did give me one month half off when I had a refill card issue, and no time to get another.

All in all I wish I had a better option, way out here in this rural part of the valley. I know there are other providers in town, but I haven't used them, so I don't know if they're the same, better, or worse. I think Verizon is the more popular one around here though, but I could be wrong.
by jay36
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Chicago, IL, Sprint Wireless, I really like the unlimited data plans and pay around $75 bucks a month. The coverage I get in my area with Sprint is awesome No dropped calls, no bad connections, and I have consistent LTE coverage. The customer service is a little slow at the stores, but I do really like their chat online feature if you have any questions or concerns about your bill or phone. I used to have t-mobile as a carrier and experienced nothing but dropped calls, bad connections, and really confusing phone support. Whenever I would call I would get different answers for one issue which didn't give me complete confidence that I was getting the correct info for my problem.
by danielle-lopez

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