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Review of India mobile / cell phone service providers

Explain what you like or dislike with your cell phone service provider from the following aspect at your area (city/state)

- Cost of the plan

- Network coverage

- Data limit

- Data speed

- Customer service

- Compare to other cell phone carriers in your region

asked in India (+91) by ctech
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I am Jiss from Kerala.I am using Jio..beuase it is high plan is rs.399 plan.high quality call.good network coverage.1gb/day.2mbps speed.good customer service..better than other networks
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Hi Myself Raju from bangalore. I have been using airtel and vodafone since years. Now a days the major problem that we face is network issue and being a metropolitan city like bangalore these telecom providers who pretend themselves to be the leaders service providers aren't able to provide better coverage with in the city limits. Customer service team is really pathetic who doesnt understand client exact issue and try to pretend as if they could resolve which never happens.
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My name is Radhika. First network I used was Airtel. The data speed is quite normal. After Reliance jio was introduced with huge offers I switched over to jio. I had put data plan of Rs. 399 for 84 days. My area is Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district, TamilNadu  State. The data speed is good at starting. Nowadays at sometimes data speed is not satisfactory. My mobile is 3G. So for using jio for calling and internet I bought Jio modem. I need to make call using this modem only. In our area tower is good. So no problem when making calls. But in some areas that means village areas calling is not good. there is a tower problem. Call gets disconnected while making calls to village areas. So jio should steps to clear this problem. Customer service is good compared to Airtel.
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Hi I'm from Chennai..I use jio network..399 plan ...earlier I was using Vodafone had poor signal strength in our area..but after changing to jio the situation is much better and it is available at a nominal price..the only thing I dislike about jio is I could only use 1GB per day and after that speed would have been better if they don't reduce the speed after 1GB but reduce the speed after the total 28GB.The call quality is good..I never had issues with data speed and quality till that 1GB usage..overall it is a very good's boon for internet lovers
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hi i  am vicky

it is very nice network

Any problem arise mean they will clear that with in short period.

it is more reliable network.

it is very fastest network when compare to other.

Signal strength is super.

if you living in chennai, tamilnadu it is best to use.

Customer service  is good.

i give 5/5 star rating

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hii my name is jeevan s g im from kerala
im currently using jio.there are many key factors for selecting jio
high internet speed
low cost for great plans
amazing coverage
high quality calling service
customer service is good
only 399 for 3 months
and also gets one gb high speed date per day
answered by jeevanjuz
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I am Anoop from kerala.I like my cellphone carrier.I am using BSNL for data.It provide better networks than other networks.It has good speed.It provide unlimited data for 56 days just costs 333.So i feel BSNL as a good service provider for data.
answered by anoopkthomas08
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Hi, I am from mumbai, maharashtra. I am  currently using Vodafone. I am on the 349 rupee plan which gives me unlimited calling and 1 gb data oer day. What I dont like is that there is no free calls when Roaming. I love the call quality as vodafone never drops calls. there is network almost everywhere I go except a few places in Gujarat where i travel often. I am quite happy with the 1 gb data per day plan and i never exceed the limit as I have wifi at home. the data speed is also better than other networks ive been using. Customer service needs improvement as i have noticed most of the times they are a bit uneducated when it comes to new plans.
answered by varunoza
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I am yaser from kerala. I like my cellphone carrier. I am using vodafone for data. It provide better networks than other networks.It provide
1Gb per day for 70 days just rs 248. So i feel vodafone as a good service provider for data.
answered by yaser
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My location is trichy- Tamil nadu ,. India

My network-airtel

- I like cost of plan.. it's comparing with other network it's very low cost

- network coverage is good in my area.. but 4g coverage is not up to the mark.

- data limit is very good.. they giving daily one GB..

- data speed is good only night timings.. other timings little bit slow..

-very good customer service..

- over all comparison with other networks, not bad... It's 80/100
answered by haneefhaneef
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From Bangalore,Karnataka.My cell phone carrier name is Aircel, what I like is it has many .or dislike with your carrier from the following aspect;
Cost of the plan in Aircel networKs are both reasonable and also expensive like reasonable offers for Aircel to Aircel networks but for other networks it is bit more and validity less then a month and validity for full talk time offers is very less, call quality is good, network coverage is also good, data limit is also good, data speed if '3g' is good but '2g' is not really so good, great customer service, comparing to other cell phone carriers in your region is better then Tata Docoma.

answered by priyanka2721
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I'm from Kerala & i have been using Airtel as my cell phone carrier for about 5 years.

Airtel plans are at reasonable & competitive cost here. However data charge without offer still need improvement compared to Idea.

Call quality is good enough most time except some rare call drop. But Idea's call quality & coverage is unbeatable. I still experience occasional signal coverage drop.

Compared to other popular providers, Airtel is offering competitive data plans here. Data limit is enough. However we're still stuck with 2G like other providers.

Airtel sucks at customer service. Call won't even reach customer care on most time. But Idea is very good in this regard.
answered by jsjose1994
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Bsnl is Indias fastest growing cellular service. Approximately 11% of people in India are using bsnl. They have brought gsm service at an affordable cost to the common man.

Pros : 3G Services. Economical. Pyari Jodi Plan. High Talk Value per Recharge.

Cons : Bad network outside metro cities. Poor service and customer support. No activation of Dosti. Worst customer care. No good sms message promo.

Overall I would like to suggest bsnl to those who does not travel a lot and also wants an economical mobile operator.

answered by monti-singh
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iam asif from karnataka.i like my mobile carrier iam using airtel data provide better network in rural area has good kbps and iam using since from former 6year this network in my family and its a good service provider and i like this ever my airtel server better then other.

Server cell phone carrier :airtel

,iam fromindia and karnataka state.

I like my airtel wireless server.

Quality data plan as 3g 4g  as compareble to other very quite low

Better custemer service
answered by asifkhan123
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hello,presently i m staying in south goa and using RELIANCE JIO carrier.It has very good net speed and with  affordable price.sometimes there is network problem but it is bearable.Data limit is also very good.All in all a fair data plan with unlimited talktime @just 399 for 3 months validity.No any complaint regarding customer service.
answered by karan
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Hello ,presently i'm staying in south goa, India and using reliance JIO carrier.

It has very good net speed plus unlimited talktime .only just 399 for 3 months. sometimes it has network problem,can be bearable but need to improvment.No any complaint regarding customer care.
answered by karan
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I am Padma from Thane, Maharashtra state. I am using vodafone and I like it. It has best network than other networks. It provides 1GB/day and unlimited local + std calls for 28 days at just Rs.349/-. Its call quality and data speed is best than other network.
answered by padma123
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I use Airtel 4G..
it costs almost 700rs.. Plan is unlimited call & 1gb/day 3G/4G data..

speed almost 1mbps.. but calling quality is disaster..

customer service is also not good..
network coverage poor..

i'd prefer jio...
answered by pritam646
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Hello, everyone ! I am Fotick from Kolkata. I am using Idea for the last 5 years. Mine is prepaid plan, monthly expenditure is around 500 Rupees, pretty cheap. But the network coverage is quite low. Data limit and data speed are average. Customer service is quite good as far as I know than the other networks.

answered by fotick-halum
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Hi, I am. Mohit from chandigarh, India.
I would like to mention that I utterly dislike my current operator which is Tata Docomo. The reason being it's costly plans   and pathetic customer support. My plan is 120 paisa per minute. Net is too slow and inconsistent. Call quality is OK but again its too costly. I am going to port out my number to jio  Worst part is their customer care they have hired bunch of morons. They just give a same copy paste reply and they always give baseless replies. I  really disappointed with this, going to port now.
answered by mohit1151
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I am from Chennai / Tamil Nadu. My mobile carreer is Airtel.
Earlier the cost was too high. Now the cost has come down due to Jio's wave.

My plan is Infinity 499. It has free incoming and outgoing calls, 100 SMS free. The plan is good.
Network coverage is good. Could be improved a lot.
Data limit is normally 3GB. Since, I use 4G phone, I get 3GB extra. Data limit is good.
Data speed is OK. But, many times when in need, it really does not work faster.
Customer service - Is ok. Have to watch the bills clearly and take necessary actions. It is very tiresome to reach the customer care guys. Sometimes, feel like switching the career.
All players are equally competitive. To make sure that they are the best, they have to provide timely benefits to the customers.
Thanks to the mobile portability. My view on Airtel is 75/100.
answered by active-jupiter
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Hi i am form Jodhpur Rajasthan and is using JIO Network

Network of JIO is good but steel there is more work to be done. Plans are JIO are very cheap so there is no proble with its plan.

Where network coverage is good data speed is 5-6 MBPS

answered by pkdrdodlj
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my name is prem sonar.

my city is guwahati assam and i use vodafone. my cost of the plan is rs 352
answered by premsonar
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Hello, I am Abhijit from Pune, Maharashtra. I am using Reliance Jio as usual because of its cheap plans. It's rs.399 plan covers 1gb data per day with unlimited calls for 84 days. The overall network is good here. But in some places, there is lack of network signal.So, it is very frustrating sometimes. Apart from this, the data speed is very nice which is approximately 5-8 Mbps. Customer service is not so cool, as they are always busy and don't connect our call with their customer care executives. Comparing to other networks, it is quite good but not awesome. Thank you for your time.

answered by abhikherade
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hi my name is Ravi, Chennai, Tamilnadu. I now use jio and bsnl networks. Before jio came i dislike the data rates of all providers like 2GBrs for 200 Rs. After jio came i recharged 400 Rs unlimited calls and net for 3 months. I.e., 75 to 90% of call and data rates reduced. I happy about jio network and the revolution created by jio.
answered by ravi-anba-2
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im just join from sri lanka
my name is iresh

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