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asked in Instagram by rebecca499

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Instagram introduces a new feature in which you can ask any question from your Instagram followers through Instagram story. its an easy way to connect with your followers. you can tell your followers to ask anything about you... in this way people know you in better way....

let me tell you how it works...

open your Instagram home page and go to your story like this

now capture a picture or select any picture from gallery. 

now select top option to go to Instagram stickers like this

now select sticker "QUESTIONS" like this

now a question sticker will open up in your Instagram story... anyone click on that sticker can ask you any question.

now select "Send To" option to share it as your Instagram story like this

now click on "Share" option to share your Instagram story having a ask a question sticker

your viewers will see your Instagram story like this

you can see number of views on your Instagram story like this...

you can also see response of people like this

if you want to give your response on peoples views then click on every response and write as you wish and click on option "Send To" ...

Remember your response will be seen by people as your story.


answered by rebecca499

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