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how to redeem star points as reload?

how to reload star points?

how to use star points to reload?

How to reload dialog using star points?

asked in Sri Lanka by rebecca499

1 Answer

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There are 2 ways to reload your star points

Firstly just type "Star Pay 49.19" in your message and send it to "141"

Remember : "49.19" is a reload amount which you should pay for your star point recharge.

You should be taking care of space between words while you compose your message.

When you send this message then you will get a confirmation message about your cash reload.


You can recharge your star point just like as you recharge your mobile number.

Go to any star point merchant and give the number of your mobile and tell them to recharge number of points whom you want.

Company will send you a authentication code for your privacy and security. Tell that code to merchant and when he will recharge star points then you will get confirmation code.

Note: You have to maintain the balance of 100 star points in your mobile. Suppose you have 130 star points. Then you can use  only 30 star points to maintain the balance of 100. 

answered by rebecca499

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