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In Business you have to organize your products and customers so that you can work efficiently. Whatsapp Business has an amazing Label Feature. It allows you to Categorize your Customers in different categories like "New orders" or "Unpaid Orders" or "Order Completed". With the help of these things you will be able to deal with lot of people at same time. You can add any Label according to your Specification. And each Label has different color tag so that you can judge category of label with the help of color. 

 Let's see how can you use this Feature

Open your Whatsapp Business Profile like this

Now Click and Hold on any Conversation to select that chat. Now you can see different labels on top of screen. Select Label icon like this

Now Labels options will open up. Select any Label according to type of your Customer like this and "save" it. 

Now you can see your selected Conversation has Color Tag on it. Now you can deal your customer according to your Tag selection. 

Hope so it will be useful for you. 

Thank you 

answered by rebecca499

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