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Whatsapp Business has an amazing feature of Greeting Message. It allows you to keep in touch with your customers when you are busy in your daily life. It works very simply that if your customer message you and you are busy then Whatsapp Business will automatically send a greeting message to your customer. You can write anything in your Greeting message.

Note : To send Greeting Message your internet connection should be ON.

And it will also send automatically Greeting message when your customer didn't contact you for 14 days.

Let see how it works.

Open your Whatsapp Business Profile and click on top right 3 dots to open settings. 

Now Click on the option "Business Settings" like this

Now Click on the option "Greeting Message" under the option of message tools like this 

Now click on "Pencil icon" to edit Greeting Message like this 

Now write your Greeting Message under available space and click on OK to save this message like this 

Now click on "Save" option to save this settings like this

Now your Greeting Message Feature is Activated and messages will be sent Automatically. 

Hope so it will be useful for you. 

Thank you 

answered by rebecca499

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