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Netflix has different stream plans for different regions. Like Netflix has different IP’s. (For India). Netflix.usa (For United States of America). You can also change your region by using different proxies.

A basic Netflix account offer up to 5 screens and you can stream 2 live screens at a same time. It means 02 screens can watch same show at a same time, in different locations while using same Netflix account. Based on account type, multiple screens can be watched at the same time. It is also possible to watch the same show on all the screens. Each screen acts like a separate account. It is also possible to download shows on account. Different episodes or movies can be watched one after another.

Netflix offers different packages in different countries like this

United States

Basic: $9/month USD, Standard: $13/month USD, Premium: $16/month USD


Basic: $10/month CAD, Standard: $14/month CAD, Premium: $17/month CAD

United Kingdom

Basic: £6/month GBP, Standard: £9/month GBP, Premium: £12/month GBP


Basic: $10/month AUD, Standard: $14/month AUD, Premium: $18/month AUD

Suppose your friend is searching for a new show on his Desktop like this

While you are watching you favorite show In your mobile in next screen like this

You can also get information about Netflix account details according to your region in link below.

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