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Mine will be history, hbo and food network.  What"s yours?
in Satellite Telecom (TV & Internet) by 23and14and20

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My favorite cable TV channel is also HBO. 

HBO is an American premium television network, which is the oldest and longest continuously operating subscription television service in the United States. The network operates seven 24-hour, linear multiplex channels as well as a traditional subscription video on demand platform. As of September 2018, HBO's programming was available to approximately 35.656 million U.S. households that had a subscription to a multichannel television provider (34.939 million of which receive HBO's primary channel at minimum).

But you will find that downloading movies and episodes from HBO can become a hassle. So, if you have such needs, please check out this tutorial: How to Download Movies & Shows on HBO Max?

by augusthong
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The 2 channels i watch the most are BET and the food network...i ♥ them...and mtv, but mostly at night for their "reality" shows...i dont know how many hours i watch, it varies everyday depending on my level of boredom and favorite shows: 

-food network: paula deen's home cooking, ace of cakes, everyday italian with giada, semi-homemade with sandra lee 

-bet: 106 & park, baldwin hills 

-mtv: i have a lot of favorites, most of the shows they give at night...i hate their fake dating shows tho...and i dont watch it for music cuz they give mostly rock and im more into hip hop

by pk9812

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