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Model -Redmi Note 4 
OS - Android 7.0 NRD90M
CPU - Octa Core Max 2.0 GHz
Internal Storage - 64 GB
Display size - 5.5 inches
Rear Camera - 13 MP
Front Camera - 5 MP
Dual sim
Battery - 4100mAh Li-Ion 

Phone or Device Usage
My regular uses with the phone are making calls, text messages, social media browsing, google search (informations/news) and official purpose (Apps which require to take photos, get details, upload documents after cam scan etc.). As the initially said uses are the generic common uses I dont see any point in explaining much on those topics. Also as I am not a fan of mobile games, I dont have much review on performance of phone based on trending games which explores the processor and ram of the phone. But I have my friends who in full swing take the advantage of Octa Core Max 2.0 GHz processor and 4 GB ram. As per their review performance is awesome except the heating up of phone.
For me, I use my phone mainly for official purposes which really makes my life easy.I am Insurance Surveyor and let me put down point wise the usage of my phone,
1. Daily 40-50 photos I need to take, which I get with crystal clarity and thanks to service provider, it gets uploaded to the app within seconds. My phone never got hanged.
2. Need to scan original documents and upload in apps for verification which again happens in seconds.
3. Bigger display size and accurate screen response eases the form filling and selection of data while the preparation of reports.
4.My wireless printer is compatible with my phone and that makes a lot difference for me

High quality display gives complete entertainment either in watching movies, browsing through hotstar app, youtube videos etc. Sound quality also remarkable.

1. Display size which boosts the video quality
2. Camera resolution which helps mainly in my professional side
3. Remarkable memory backup. If not much data usage phone memory runs for minimum two days.
4. Octa Core Max 2.0 GHz and 4 GB ram, phone never got hanged.
5. 64GB internal memory eliminates the need of any memory cards. Good number of movies, television series can be stored.
6. Compatible with other devices like laptop, printer etc.

1. After some 4 months usage, phone gets heated up if we have one hour long calls.
2. Also long time gaming makes the phone more heat.
3. Oversensitive camera always take "BURST" mode photos. Daily cleanup needed to remove the "BURST" mode photos.
People using high resolution games can surely rely on this phone. Bigger display screen and accurate sensors would entertain you a lot. People who are active in social media platforms also can rely on this model. 4100mAh Li-Ion battery ensures a tension free long journey, meetings, discussions.

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MG University, Athirampuzha

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