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AR Moscow City
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AR Moscow city is an augmented reality (AR) app created specially for the guests of PANORAMA360, the highest observation deck in Europe, to see digital Moscow city Towers in conjunction with the real world: Federation Towers, Central Core, Evolution Tower, Imperial Tower, City of Capitals, Naberezhnaya Tower, IQ quarter, Eurasia Tower, Mercury City Tower, OKO, Northern Tower, Neva Towers.

the app contains a unique information about the construction features and the main characteristics of each showcased tower, while unusual comparisons to international sights will definitely make you smile.

Upload the AR Moscow City app and visit one of the most innovative observation decks in the world PANORAMA360 as many surprises are waiting for you there.

I enjoyed this magic app. you can download this app and enjoy it. Thank you.
URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.playdisplay.armoscowcity

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