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The best guitar tuner.Tune your guitar with your phone
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At this era most of the young man have a guitar.
Some are professional some are amateur.
But all type guitarist need to tune his/her guitar for playing it or for better sound.
but it is not so easy to tune a guitar.

Today I am gonna show you How to tune your guitar with the best guitar tuner application.

Name : guitar Tuna

You can tune your guitar,ukulele and other string base musical instrument.
at frist open play store and search "guitar Tuna"
then install it to your phone
and run the application.

for better experience please select a noiseless place for guitar tuning.

this application is far better than other.you can also learn chord progress by this application.and its have metronome for regular practice.and you can play chord with your desired song. its show you how to play.

This application also have gaming features.you can learn chord by playing game and you can also practice with this by routinely. its have also a good reminder.it will help you to be a good guitarist. that's all today.see you my next trips and tricks 
and if you face problem with this application don't forget to comment here.

direct playstore link :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ovelin.guitartuna

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