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Spotify Settings
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How to Possibly Free Up Space in Your Phone Storage When You Have the Spotify App in Your Phone
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Isn't it irritating whenever you want to download a new app for your phone, it just keeps saying you don't have enough space for it? Isn't it sickening that no matter what you do, you're still low on space in your phone? Well, if you're premium in Spotify, I have a better and quicker solution in freeing up space. Just follow these easy steps below, and your problems will be gone in no time, broski!

1. Open up your Spotify app
2. Go to "Your Library" and click on settings on the top right
3. Optional: Scroll down until you go to "Music Quality"
4. Optional: Lower your music quality in "Downloads" in order for your music to use less space (This may require restarting the app for that to work)
5. Scroll further down to "Storage" and here, you will see how much cache data you may delete
6. Now press on "Delete Cache" in order to free up some space in your device storage

Simple as that broski! No need for that frustating decision to delete one of your valuable apps in your phone!
Well, hope this helps a lot for your device, see you soon broski!!!

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