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Clone application means you can install one application 2 times in one mobile. Suppose you have two contact numbers and you want to install two watsapp applications for your two contact numbers. It's not possible till your mobile have built-in application for installation of two clone apps or you have to install external application which will allow you to install same application two times.

Today certain mobile applications are available which can allow you to install dual applications in your mobile. Now i will tell you how can you install two watsapp applications for your two contact numbers.

First open Google Play Store so that you can download an external application which will allow you to install two whatsapp applications.

Now write down name of application "Parallel Space" like this.

Now install this application by clicking on "Install" option like this

Now parallel space application is installed. Click on the application to open it.

Now click on the option "Continue" to proceed further

Now again click on the option "Start" like this

Now you can see list of applications, Click on the (+) icon to search for your required application 

Select whatsapp from list of applications 

Now whatsapp will be seen in list of applications. It means you can register your mobile number right now on this application. But you have to remember one thing that whatsapp will not be seen in your home page of mobile. It will be available with in parallel space application

Now open watsapp application within parallel space application, accept Terms and Conditions of Watsapp, then it will ask you to write down your mobile number like this

Now you will get confirmation code. Write down that code within available space. Now proceed further and you will reach home page of watsapp like this

Now if you get a message on your clone watsapp application then you will get notification on your mobile like this

Hope so it will help for you... 

Thank you 

answered by rebecca499

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