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asked in WhatsApp by rebecca499

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firstly open settings in amazon fire phone and select option 

"Applications and Parental Controls" like this

now select option " Allow Non Amazon app installation " like this

now turn on "App Installation " option on top of options like this

now click OK to allow your amazon phone to install non amazon apps.

now go back to your home menu of your phone and open silk browser like this

open URL

 now open whatsapp from menu tab like this

now scroll down and open a link to download APK file of whatsapp.

after clicking a new tab will open

now scroll down to click on blue button to download whatsapp APK file like this

now you can see your downloading file like this

now open your storage of mobile phone and check your downloaded whatsapp file like this

now open your downloaded file to install like this

when you click to open the file, it will ask you to download it. click on next option like this

you can see your installation under progress like this

when whatsapp application install, click on option " open " like this

now whatsapp application is install.

open your whatsapp application and it will ask you to click on the option " agree and continue" like this

now choose your country and  enter your mobile number like this and whatsapp will be install....


answered by rebecca499

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