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asked in Android Devices by rebecca499

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Sometimes you are doing some great stuff on your Android Mobile and you don't know how to save it. Now you can save your mobile activity by screen recording feature. In this feature every activity appear on your mobile screen will be saved automatically by screen recording feature. Either you are reading a document, or watching a video clip or anything else. And in the end, the recorded video will be saved in your mobile gallery.

Lets see how can you use this feature

First open your mobile home page. Swipe down to see more options

Now you can see many options like WiFi, Mobile Data, sound etc. Now to get more options click on top right option ( like shape of pencil) like this

Now you will see complete features. Click on "Screen Recording" option like this 

Now your mobile screen recording will be started and you can see recording time on top of screen 

Now if you want to end this recording. Again swipe down your mobile scrren and click on "Stop" option like this. 

Your mobile recording will be stopped and Recorded video will be saved automatically in your mobile Gallery

Thank you 

answered by rebecca499

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