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Sometimes we write same messages in each day. Just like your 08 hours work report, your 24 hours work report, your weekly work report. Your daily earnings and expenses. Or if you are public dealer and you want to send same message to your different clients. 

Means these are sames messages for each day but little bit difference. So now you don't have to write same message each day. Swiftkey Keyboard allows you to save your important messages in Clipboard option. And paste it whenever you want to use it. You can save multiple messages in clipboard. It's just like saving your time. 

This is very simple and easy to use. 

Open your Android Message application like this 

Now message text box will open up. Write any message whom you repeat many times. Like I write a link of my question 

Select that text message and click on "Copy" option like this 

Now that message is copied. 

You can see copied message in upper bar of keyboard (it's a feature of Swiftkey Keyboard only) 

Now click on "Clipboard" icon like this

Now can see copied text message is already there but it is not pin to clipboard. 

Click on Pin icon and it will be changed into dark color like this. 

Now your message is copied in clipboard. It will be there unless until you delete it by yourself. 

Now Open any text box where you want to write that message. 

Open clipboard and you can see your pinned messages right there. 

Just click on it and same message will pasted in text bar. 

Now you can see when you click 1 time on text message, that message will be inserted there for 1 time

Now if you again want to write that message. Again click on it and that message will be pasted again.. 

Copied message in clipboard will be inserted as many times as you click on it. 

It's very very useful feature. I personally use this Feature 

Thank you 

by rebecca499

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