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SwiftKey Keyboard can save thousands of words. It predict multiple words as you start writing. Sometimes while typing in a speedy way, we type certain wrong words. But Swiftkey Keyboard saved it in its memory. At certain point when you again want to write that word then Swiftkey Keyboard can predict that wrong word.

So you should delete that word from the memory of Swiftkey Keyboard. It's an easy way to delete it. In this way next time you will get right prediction from Swiftkey Keyboard.

Let's see how can you use this Feature

Open Swiftkey Keyboard and start writing like this 

Suppose you write a word "Hello" and it predicts "Hellow" like this

Firmly press on the word "Hellow" like this to get further options

Now it will as you to remove word "Hellow" from prediction list like this. 

Click on "OK" to do that 

Now you can a little notification downside of screen like this. 

It states that Hellow word is successfully removed from prediction list

Thank you.. 

by rebecca499

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