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Review of India mobile / cell phone service providers

Explain what you like or dislike with your cell phone service provider from the following aspect at your area (city/state)

- Cost of the plan

- Network coverage

- Data limit

- Data speed

- Customer service

- Compare to other cell phone carriers in your region

asked in India (+91) by ctech
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I am Jiss from Kerala.I am using Jio..beuase it is high plan is rs.399 plan.high quality call.good network coverage.1gb/day.2mbps speed.good customer service..better than other networks
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Hi Myself Raju from bangalore. I have been using airtel and vodafone since years. Now a days the major problem that we face is network issue and being a metropolitan city like bangalore these telecom providers who pretend themselves to be the leaders service providers aren't able to provide better coverage with in the city limits. Customer service team is really pathetic who doesnt understand client exact issue and try to pretend as if they could resolve which never happens.
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My name is Radhika. First network I used was Airtel. The data speed is quite normal. After Reliance jio was introduced with huge offers I switched over to jio. I had put data plan of Rs. 399 for 84 days. My area is Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district, TamilNadu  State. The data speed is good at starting. Nowadays at sometimes data speed is not satisfactory. My mobile is 3G. So for using jio for calling and internet I bought Jio modem. I need to make call using this modem only. In our area tower is good. So no problem when making calls. But in some areas that means village areas calling is not good. there is a tower problem. Call gets disconnected while making calls to village areas. So jio should steps to clear this problem. Customer service is good compared to Airtel.
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Hi I'm from Chennai..I use jio network..399 plan ...earlier I was using Vodafone had poor signal strength in our area..but after changing to jio the situation is much better and it is available at a nominal price..the only thing I dislike about jio is I could only use 1GB per day and after that speed would have been better if they don't reduce the speed after 1GB but reduce the speed after the total 28GB.The call quality is good..I never had issues with data speed and quality till that 1GB usage..overall it is a very good's boon for internet lovers
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hi i  am vicky

it is very nice network

Any problem arise mean they will clear that with in short period.

it is more reliable network.

it is very fastest network when compare to other.

Signal strength is super.

if you living in chennai, tamilnadu it is best to use.

Customer service  is good.

i give 5/5 star rating

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I am muthu from vellore I am from a small town where the bsnl prepaid service is worst than the other network services only 2g services is available where other networks provide even 4g in my area but the cost bsnl is awesome for data plans, data limit is fine, but DATA SPEED is WORST in my area. customer service is average only.
answered by muthukumaraswamy
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I am Gopikrishnan, currently in Delhi. I am using BSNL as my cellphone carrier.

I like the call quality and data and call plans of this network. They can provide offers which can beat other networks.

Some of the drawbacks of this network are even though they provides good data speed It has only 3G. No 4G. Another issue I found with this operator is the poor customer support.
answered by vsgopikrishnan
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Hi I Am Vijay Kumar

Allahabad, UP , India

I use a carrier network it is a 4g net work but it get me 3g similier speed. I am not like this but it is very cheap. It gave me 64gb  data in only 123 rs.
answered by vijay-yadav
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Hi Guys,I'm Sonal from Pune(Maharsahtra). My current service provider is Vodafone.I'm tired of its service because of the following reasons.

Firstly,the plans are very expensive. JIO Services are much faster and far cheaper.For 359 in vodafone I get 1GB/day for 30 Days only and unlimited calling whereas JIO provides the same service at Just 399 with 3 Months that's roughly less than 140 per month.

Secondly,The connectivity is worse in my area.I live in Green Field Society,Hadpasar where I get only 2G ,forget 4G which I'm paying.

Because of limited connectivity I've call drop and poor internet service.

I've spoken several times to Customer Care regarding this whereas they are least bothered.

Other carriers like IDEA Cellular is much popular because of its good connectivity of 4G, more offers are introduced.So I'll switch to a new service rather than staying at Vodafone through MNP
answered by guhasonal
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Hi , I'm Rishabh from Himachal Pradesh and i am currently using Jio's services because they have a good coverage in my area . 

Also , Jio is offering much cheaper plans than other telecom providers such as bsnl , airtel vodafone etc. , so it is very useful for me . They offer 1gb 4g data per day and free calling for 3 months at just Rs.399 which is a very good offer . 

Also , their network speed is very good . It reduces a bit in day time , but that's understandable due to more traffic , but at other times the network speed is very good . Its's truely value for money .

So, Jio is the best telecom provider in my region , which have good customer services and network coverage too as compared to the other telecom regions in my area .

answered by rishi7554
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Hi i am akber hussain i live in hyderabad.i am an aircel user.aircel is a bad network.aircel provide a plan 2gb data per day for 28 days at 289 rupees.Aircel's network coverage is annoying when i goes to my bedroom aircels network starts decreasing.
Aircel doesnt provide any unlimited data plans.
Everyone knows doesnt provide any high speed 4g network they stick to 3g network.custom service is also bad they just always keep sending annoying offers messages and to other carrier networks aircel is not i am going to buy a jio sim
answered by mohd-akber-hussain
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Hi Guys, I am Radha from Madurai (Tamil Nadu). My Service provider is Vodafone and I am using this from past six years. I have explained my plan details below.

Cost of the plan - Rs. 347/-. The plan was 1GB/day and unlimited calls for 28 days.

Call quality & Network coverage - As I said it was good.

Data limit - 1GB per day

Data speed - 4G

Customer service also good comparing to other cell phone carriers in my region.
answered by radha-thangam
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Hi, I am evanston from chennai . I am using Airtel for the past 5 years . Until jio was launched , all the plans of Airtel was damn too high . But for the past 6 months airtel do offer better plans (almost equal to jio) . The call quality , i would rather say it's only moderate , nothing big to talk about airtel's call quality . In terms of network coverage , they are much ahead of any operator in india right now . Airtel is one among the oldest operator that i have ever know . keeping that in mind , it does offer a better customer service than any other operator out there . 4G speed is quite good too . I will almost get 17-20 Mbps no matter in what area i am . As a whole , i personally feel airtel is much ahead of all it's competitor especially at value for money .
answered by evanston
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Hi!  Im Riyaj from Burdwan, West Bengal. Im using Airtel & Jio. Airtel's call quality is superb but it has a network problem that signal strength at certain areas is weak. 3G & 4G both of these does not provide good spead. Im using Jio's Rs. 399 pack. Its Network speed is not like before. Sometimes it goes very slow and call quality is also not so good. Its Customer Service is also good. About data speed and its cost Jio is way better than any other.
answered by rohu03
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Hi I am Meher Piyush Verma I am from kanpur (U.p)

I am using reliance jio and aircel . The day connectivity of relaince jio in my area is excellent with the speed of range of about 1-2 Mbps . But the problem is about it's voice call  which is not so well some time it takes too long to connects , and some times the call automatically connects to any wrong no .

And the aircel services are quiet cheaper than any other network provider like idea airter Vodafone etc. in my area

But where my I relocated to some other part of state it didn't give good service .

answered by meher7
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Hey guys, my name is Mukul Narula.l live in Ambala cantt, haryana.
My network service provider is TATA DOCOMO.
Before JIO entrance, i used DOCOMO'S 1 gB per month plan @rs. 128
Which was very affordable compared to other operators.
In Haryana, DOCOMO possess very good data coverage because of which the data speed was also very good but was equal only 2kbps during night.
The customer service was good at times but if i called them more than twice in a day, i would an engage calls.
This was something that enraged me.

But overall it was a good experience with DOCOMO
Though the company is going to shut down now.
I gotta port it.
answered by mukulmik17
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Hi I am vamsi from Hyderabad I use Idea as my cellphone carrier since an year,

1)costs of plans are quite reasonable

2)network coverage is excellent wherever I go

3)data limit is almost same as other carriers however it needs to be increased

4)when signal is good data speed is excellent

5) customer service needs to be improved

6)I personally believe idea is second best or something after jio
answered by vamsi369
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I am from Ahmedabad/Gujarat. My service provider is vodafone.The cost of vodafone plan is high as comapared to other mobile operater.
answered by honeysingh3131
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I am sagorica from Kolkata, Westbengal. I am currently using Reliance Jio. My phone is VOLTE supported. I am using the rs. 309 plan where All calls(Local+STD+Roaming) free + 1GB Data/day + 100 SMS/day + Jio Apps Subscription. During the free of cost usage days, the network coverage was phenomenal. I always make STD calls to my family the voice clarity was good. Even in metro I got signal of-course that varied from stations to station. Network download speed was up to 20 mbps speed, youtube streaming without buffer or any video from other websites for that matter. 1 GB data limit is satisfying to use, given how much we need data for mobile phones.

Recently after my 2nd recharge I am heavily disappointed with the service. Living in a posh area I have very less network coverage and network speed is of very poor quality. I contacted customer care for that matter I was asked to perform net speed test which as usual turned our real low. The customer executive simply apologized for the inconvenience caused and promised that the services will get better. However when I went Jharkhand to visit my family I found the network coverage and internet speed of JIO considerably improved. It seems that JIO does not have enough coverage within KOLKATA itself. However as compared to Reliance,Airtel ,Vodafone I would say that the cost of JIO's both talktime and internet is considerably low. Vodafone and Airtel does win in terms of network coverage. Hopefully Jio will get better as I was really astounded with its performance back home.

answered by sagorica
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The offer provided my operator are very poor
answered by harshad130
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I Am Vijay antony  From Chennai. I Am Using Vodafone and Jio as my Network Carriers. Vodaphone has the best network all over India since i travel a lot i use my vodaphone network for business calls on the other hand  jio gives a decent data+calling plan which saves my internet cost on the whole. so currently i am using vodaphone for calling purpose and jio for internet. sometimes i use to recharge 1GB data in vodaphone for 28 days because some days i run out of 1GB jio data in that case i use my vodaphone data plan.

coming to service part vodaphone has good customer service comparing to any other network. next to vodaphone i can rate airtel for its network and service provided.

Over all rating for vodaphone- 85%

Pros- good network coverage, high speed 3G internet 

cons-very expensive

Over all rating for Jio- 75%

Pros-Best rates in the telecom market

Cons- still has call drop issues and slow internet 


answered by vijay-93
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I am Ara from kolkata, I am using Aircel and Airtel since last 3/4 years.

Here are some information about them.

1. Airtel is quite expensive so I use my Aircel connection for Data surfing, Aircel provides pretty good data offers and i'm happy about it.

2.Airtel provide a pretty good network coverege while Aircel fluctuates some times.

3. Data limit for Aircel is quite good and i would like to use it in future also.

4.Data speed for Aircel is good , i'm using 3g and it provides a good service.

5.I think Aircel need to look at their customer care. it needs improvement.

6. Compare to other service providers Aircel is doing great a little bit improvement in network coverege would be better.
answered by ara-dmon
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I like most  

   -  Reduced call rates and data plan

  -  Offering new plan with cheap

  - Festival offers

  - Improved signals

I dislike about

    -   Poor customer responses

   - Automatically balance deducted for unwanted things
answered by laxmimurugan
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i am living in calicut kerala,i am using xiomi redmi prime ,with the evolution of jio the internet had become cheaper while compared to earlier before the coming of jio.all other companies are also forced to reduce the price of their plans

i am using jio network ,it provides 1 gb per day for 3 months also provides free calling facility the only defect is that it doesnot have good coverage all around city,it has good customer service compared to that of other service providers and it provide lots of better offer than other competitors
answered by sajal
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My location is Gola Gokarannath kheri, Uttar Pradesh
my network - Reliance Jio
It has a quit good net speed of about 3-4 mb/sec in my small town and with affordable price.sometimes there is network problem but it is bearable.Data limit is 1 GB per day, after that it slows  down to 128kbps. With a fair data plan with unlimited talktime @just 399 for 3 months validity. oo any complaint regarding customer service.
on contrary Vodafone, It provides 1GB/day and unlimited local + std calls for 28 days at just Rs.349/-.
and Airtel Rs 399 plan offering 84GB data with a validity of 84 days.
Idea Cellular: 84GB data at Rs 453 (validity 84 day)
Calls: Free unlimited calling
FUP: 1GB per day
answered by faheem-ahmad

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