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asked in Instagram by rebecca499

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Instagram introduces a new feature about your messages privacy. it shows that you can check if someone took screen shot of your sent message on Instagram.

its very easy to know.

open your Instagram profile and go to home page and click on top right option to go to messages like this

suppose you want to sent a message to any contact. open your contact like this

it will open up message chat. 

click on camera icon to go to gallery to select any picture you want to share with this contact.

you can select any picture or video. and click on send option like this

now you will see 2 notifications like this

"EYE" shape icon shows that receiving person saw your picture.

"SUN" shape icon shows that receiving person took screen shot of your sent message like this

its very important feature. kindly upgrade your Instagram application and enjoy this feature.


answered by rebecca499

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