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To block someone is a very difficult decision. but if you want to do this , follow my instructions.

open a profile of a user or page you want to block. and click on top option to get options men like this

select option "Block" like this

if you are clear enough to take a decision then select option "yes i am sure " like this

now if you want to see whole list of blocked persons.

go to your Instagram profile and click on top right option to go to settings menu like this

now select option "blocked users" like rhis

you will get a list of blocked users like this

if you want to unblock it. then click on blocked user. its profile will open. and click on top right option like this

now click on option "Unblock" like this

it will ask you whether you are sure or not...

click on " yes i am sure"

ans user will be unblocked...


answered by rebecca499

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