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Everyone saves his important URL in history of Browser. Sometimes when you delete that browser and you want to restore your browser history then it will be trouble for you if you didn't syn your history with your email.

So UC Browser gives you an options to synchronize your Bookmarks and History with your email.

Its very easy for anyone who has little knowledge of this.

First open your UC Browser like this

Now click on bottom 3 lines like this to open further options

Now click on bottom left settings icon to open settings of your UC Browser

Now settings menu will open up. Scroll down and click on Accounts options like this

Now it will allow you to make account via email or Facebook login so that you can synchronize your Bookmarks and History

Choose any option like I choose "Sign In with Google" like this

After Log in you have to click on "Allow" option to give access to your profile and a mail address

Now your account will be ready to use for future concerns and you can see your account number at top of it like this

Now everytime you log in in UC Browser account, your Bookmarks will be restored. 

Thank you 

answered by rebecca499
edited by rebecca499

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